Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Lolita 52 Challenge Week 3

For this week's prompt, I will be detailing what my own Lolita lifestyle is like.

I do not consider myself a lifestyle lolita, because I do not wear lolita to work or out of the house, unless I am going to a convention or meet (only about once every other month).  However, lolita is a huge part of my life, and I do wear the fashion quite often.

In a normal week, I wear lolita on the following days:

Monday: after work for about a couple hours
Wednesday: after work for about a couple hours
Friday: after work for a few hours
Saturday: either all day, or in the afternoon if I have errands or family obligations during the day
Sunday: until around 4:00

I would probably wear lolita even more if I didn't excercise!  After all, the reason why I change on Sundays around 4, and don't wear it on Tuesdays and Thursdays is because I play DDR at those times.

Also, I feel that my lolita lifestyle is not very "lolita."  I don't have any rooms decorated to be kawaii or elegant.  I have no pretty backdrops for pictures, and while I do drink tea, I don't feel very elegant while doing so.  Usually when I wear lolita, I just spend my time planning more coords, playing video games, or reading.

It is while I am reading that I feel most at one with the lolita aesthetic.  Though I read science fiction, manga, or light novels, I read on a beautiful garden swing, surrounded by nature.  At that time, I feel like a real country lolita (well, I am one), and it is a very nice feeling!  Unfortunately, getting to said swing requires me to trot across a yard in lolita shoes that are not really suited for the job, but hey, that's part of the experience!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Have these coords gone too far?

Today I'm going to highlight 2 coords I've made that I put effort into...but the color combinations are so odd that I'm not sure they really work.  Sometimes it's nice to experiment, and in Metamorphose's stock photos and even shop photos, they often have JSKs paired with blouse colors that pretty "out there"...but I always wonder if they could work, and create a cute coord.

I've created a couple looks like that myself, incidentally, both with Meta dresses!  Let's delve into these creations....

JSK, necklace, hat: Metamorphose
Blouse: Yillia 
Socks: Diamond Honey
Shoes: Bodyline
Accessories: handmade

This is is very recent, I put this together in the last week, and tried it on briefly.  I knew I wanted to wear Juicy Basket this week, but I wanted to do something with it aside from the obvious sax or white.  While I would love to make a coord themed around royal blue, I do not have a short sleeve blouse in that color (I sure do want one, though).  I decided to try it with red.  After all, there are cherries in the dress...

As I worked with this coord, I tried very hard to keep the red, sax, white, and royal blue elements balanced.  Even though those things are all there, I still can't really decide whether I like this coord or not.  I think I would like this color combination better with otome.  

When I tried the outfit on, I didn't like it.  But my main problem with the outfit was the quality of the OTKs, which are made of tights/stocking material rather than feeling and looking like socks.  They just didn't match the quality of construction and fabrics on the rest of the coord, and looked really off.  This really drove home that I need to get a higher quality pair of white socks with a strawberry or cherry theme.  I have some brand and Bodyline ones...but not in white.  It's kind of late in the year now, but I really want that by next year, and it should be possible to find (I'm having a heck of a time finding the perfect royal blue blouse and shoes).

It was also so hot when I tried this on, that I decided to just wear Juicy Basket blouseless and sockless altogether, and with a pony tail with just a bow clip as my only accessory.  I wouldn't even call what I ended up wearing a coord, but hey, at least I got to enjoy one of my dream dresses.

Next is a coord I wore months ago, as winter was coming to a close:

JSK: Metamorphose
Hair accessories, shoes, tights: offbrand
Blouse: Bodyline

As the cold weather was finishing up for the year, I wanted to wear my purple Bodyline long-sleeved shirt before it got too warm for it.  As I was going through my closet finding something to match, I decided to try it with Happy Balloon since there is a small amount of a matching purple color in the print.  I also have a headband, tights, earrings, and a bracelet to match the color.  To pull in the navy of the dress, I added another little navy bow to the headband, and wore navy shoes.  The color of the shoes is too dark, and the navy shoes I have from Secret Shop would have looked better, but I didn't have those yet.

I posted this coord online to a private lolita group for opinions on whether this coord "works", since I had my doubts.  The people who commented didn't like it, haha.  I wasn't very surprised, though I was kind of disappointed.  As I wore this coord throughout the night, I started to love it more and more.  And as I look at this picture now, I still love it!  I guess it's something that really comes down to taste, and my tastes are especially unique for this particular outfit.  Needless to say, though...it's not something I'll ever be wearing out, or posting online again (except I just did...)!

I think the best thing about having a lolita wardrobe is experimenting with coords, and sometimes the really matching colors and combinations just seem too samey.  I wouldn't say I get in the mood for experimental coords like these all the time, but when I do, I run with it.  After all, there isn't any point in lolita if it isn't fun!

Lolita 52 Challenge Week 2

This week's prompt is "5 Movies for Lolitas."  This is probably the most difficult prompt of the whole list for me...because, believe it or not, I really don't like movies.  Explaining why is beyond the scope of this blog post, though, so I will try to make it through this prompt...wish me luck!

1.  Kamikaze Girls

Okay, I know this is super obvious.  But because of that, it also needs to be said.  I think watching this is an essential part of being a lolita.  I personally watched this when it came out, long before I became a lolita myself.  It was my first exposure to Baby, The Stars Shine Bright and sweet lolita.  Previously, I had only known lolita as a style worn in the VK scene.  I still remember that sense of wonder...I actually thought Baby was something made up for the movie until I saw the ending credits!

2. Nana

I watched this because I read the manga, which does have a lolita character in it, though I don't remember if she was in the movie.  The reason I think this is important for lolitas to watch is because it shows something of the Japanese indie and major label band scene.  Though it is not about VK specifically, I do think and understanding of Japanese band culture is important to the understanding of the origins of lolita.  However, for something more on topic, I would recommend the book So Pretty, Very Rotten since it contains essays on lolita's relation to the music scene.

3.  The Innocents

I watched this movie because I saw it recommended for gothic fashion inspiration, and while I got that, I also got so much more.  This movie has great aesthetic for either a gothic or classic lolita, but it's also a really eerie and atmospheric horror movie with thrills that are only psychological - not gory.

4. Alice in Wonderland

I watched this to familiarize myself with Alice's world, since I have not read the book.  This movie was quite a trip, and while I don't know how faithful it is to its source material, it really instilled in me a greater appreciation of the Alice aesthetic.  The Alice and Wonderland ballet is even better, though!

5. The Rose of Versailles

Okay, so this is an anime series, not a movie.  But since I couldn't think of any other movies for this list without including things I haven't already seen, I decided it would be okay to included this.  After all, this is the second watchable media I think of when I think "lolita", only after Kamikaze Girls.  This series explores the life of Marie Antoinette and all the decadence and intrigues related.  Hime and OTT lolitas in particular will want to watch this, and take notes!  This series is also extremely famous...I wouldn't be surprised it it were very well known among lolitas in Japan.

And somehow I made it, completing this post, though I did have to included a series with the movies.  I stand by choices, though...these are all films I appreciate more because I'm a lolita!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Closet Child Haul and Coords

I've been wanting to expand my cutsew and outerwear collection, and when a minor dream item of mine popped up on Closet Child, I decided to add some of these things to my order.  The dream item was Metamorphose's Bubble Bath frill skirt in lavender.  I still want a version of this series, in lavender, with the print on it, but I love how toned down the frill skirt is.  I now have 3 Meta skirts in the same cut, which are not the print version, in lavender.  They are all slightly different shades, but still, I think I have an obsession!

Here is the haul:

Metamorphose Bubble Bath Skirt:

This is in such nice condition...it doesn't even really have a feeling of wear, except for the wrinkles!  I love that I can pair this with pink...but I'm also thinking it would be nice to match the blue of the bubbles!  Even though I have several blue tops, none of them are this shade.  That's something I will have to keep an eye out for.

Emily Temple Cute black cutsew:

This was ridiculously cheap for how good of condition it's in...maybe ETC cutsews aren't very valuable.  At any rate, I had really been wanting a plain, but loliable, black short-sleeved cutsew all summer, and now I finally have one!

Metamorphose Jacket:

I wanted this specifically to go with my American Dream skirt!  This isn't the original American Dream jacket (I kind of doubt I will ever see that up for sale), but it's close enough to the design that I can get the look I'm going for.  I can also see myself wearing this outside of lolita, if I ever have occasion to.  Perhaps to a con, or other nerdy event in the fall or spring.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright mint cardigan:

This item accomplishes my goal of getting more mint stuff, and getting more cardigans.  It's also my first Baby cardigan, and I am so enamored with the quality and style.  It's super-thin, and also rather small, though I think the short length will work well with lolita.  I have few main pieces that can actually go with mint, however...that's something I want to keep in mind as I choose colorways for new main pieces that I may want.

Innocent World sailor collar cutsew

This item was deeply discounted, I presume because it is missing the detachable navy bow that goes at the neckline.  I should be able to replace it with something similar if I ever feel it's necessary.  I mostly ordered this for the price, because I don't have any cutsews in this color, and because I really like wearing last's years sailor-collar cutsews from IW that I bought on sale.  The sax used is kind of hard to match, but I do have a handful of pieces that it will work with.

After admiring my items, I wanted to get right to work putting together quick coords for each of them!

First, the Meta jacket and ETC cutsew:
Jacket, skirt: Metamorphose
Cutsew: Emily Temple Cute
Headband: offbrand (possibly Japanese indie brand)
Shoes: Secret Shop
Socks: taobao/ebay

Naturally, I wanted to use the jacket and cutsew exactly as I envisioned: with American Dream!  The socks are also something I bought specifically for this skirt.  To tie into the music theme, I used a headband that I got a while ago that has a music not attached to it (not easy to see in this pic).  The seller claims she got it in a lot of accessories from Japan, but it contains no tags whatsoever.  I think this outfit has a 50's vibe to it, and I wonder if I could get away with wearing it for some kind of non-otaku and non-lolita event.  Time will tell...

Skirt, blouse, socks: Metamorphose
Cardigan: Bodyline
Headbow: Infanta
Shoes: Secret Shop

For my main piece coord, I wanted to tie in the dark pink in the skirt with a Bodyline cardigan I have which doesn't match many pieces (the pink is just too harsh).  When the cardigan does match, though, it really pops!  The night carnival socks match both the pink and the blue of the skirt, even though they are such unique colors.  I love when brands have some consistency, even across release years!

Cardigan: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
JSK: Bodyline
Headbow: Infanta
Shoes, Socks: Secret Shop

Okay, so I have such an obsession with pink and mint paired together, that I might need intervention!  Unfortunately, items of that nature make up probably less than 2% of my wardrobe!  I wish I had a higher-quality JSK to go with this look, but this will have to do for now.  I would love to have a solid pink JSK from Baby, though!  I think I would probably wear a white blouse with this outfit too, but I didn't feel like arranging one into this photo.

Skirt, bag, headdress, socks: Metamorphose
Cutsew: Innocent World
Shoes, wristcuffs: Bodyline

One of the pieces I have that matches my new IW cutsew is this 2003 skirt from Metamorphose.  It's a shame that it is so terribly faded, and is probably the worst condition item I own, but I am thankful just to have it, since it's so old.  The bag is the most faded of all, and the headdress still has most of its original color, so it's kind of a mismatched set, but the fading on the skirt as actually what makes it match the cutsew!  I chose other items that may have been seen in 2003, like wristcuffs, lacy knee socks, and white shoes matched with white socks.  I really did not think it was okay to match white shoes with white socks until I realized just how common this was in old-school street snaps!  I think I might like to use one of the detachable white bows from the Meta blouse in my coord above with this cutsew, since it is supposed to have a bow at the neckline (though it was a navy one).

I am incredibly satisfied with my Closet Child order.  The items are in such amazing condition that they don't even feel used, and I didn't find any stains on them!  The price and condition were much better than I usually get from other sources (especially Wunderwelt, where I often get items with stains that won't come out).  One disappoint from this order is that I also ordered a lavender cardigan from Fi.n.t that I was told was out of stock...they had sold it through one of their other outlets.  It would have been a nice addition to my collection at only 1500 yen, but I'm very happy with the items I got!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Lolita 52 Challenge Week 1

Since I wanted some fun topics to think about, I decided to do F Yeah Lolita's 52 Lolita Challenge!  It was posted about 4 1/2 years ago, in the beginning of 2013, so I'm way late to the party, but I wanted to do it anyway!  Here is a link to the challenge:

52 Lolita Challenge

I am going to be tackling these in order.  Unluckily for me, one of the hardest for me is the 2nd week's prompt, but for now, my first prompt is:

5 pieces that every Lolita wardrobe should have, regardless of style

For this prompt, it wasn't hard for me to think of ideas, though it was somewhat hard to narrow it down to only 5.  The things I chose were things I really wished I'd had sooner or things I was super glad I had that were just as important as my coord itself.

One caveat...though my selections are valid regardless of style, they are dependent on climate!  I would say this post is directed toward a wardrobe that exists in a place where there are 4 seasons...and where 3 of those seasons are practically winter.

1.  A heavy winter coat

Not having one of these is something I'm guilty of, and I think about it every time I purchase something that ISN'T a heavy winter coat.  For this year's December ILD, I was so embarrassed by how I didn't have a suitable coat.  I had to wear my normie dress coat, which is a lovely deep purple wool pea coat, but it did not match my coord or the Lolita aesthetic at all.   If you want to wear Lolita out regularly, or even just to a couple meets, this is an absolute necessity, more important than another main piece, even though it will likely be the cost of one.

2.  Lighter coats

ANOTHER coat?!  Yeah, that's just how important this is if you live in a frigid climate and want to actually go to meets and look put together!  The image shows a couple that I have, though I need to get a black one so that I can possibly wear a Halloween coord out!  Last year for my comm's Halloween meet, I stressed for weeks about what coat I would wear, because I did not have a single Loliable jacket at the time.  We ended up having unseasonally warm weather and I thankfully ended up not even needing one, but I was able to attend Tekko confidently because I had the right outerwear.

3.  Hoop Skirt

A hoop skirt is essential for 2 reasons: first, it's so much more comfortable in hot weather than a petticoat.  I can't imagine being a Southern Lolita without one!  Second, it doesn't lose its poof, so it can always be a reliable option.  One downside of a hoop skirt is that it won't provide warmth in winter.

4.  Chiffon Crop Tops

If numbers 1 and 2 were for Fall through Spring, this one is for Summer!  With one of these, you will have no excuse to not wear a blouse in Summer.  Wearing one of these adds almost no bulk, and looks a million times better than wearing a JSK blouseless.  Taobao brands usually release these in the Spring.

5.  A rain-suitable umbrella or parasol

Here's another one for practicality.  I used to dread going to a meet or con with rain, because I did not want to pull out a normie umbrella that would drag down the rest of my look.  The pictured umbrella from Totes has a ruffle hem and was only $20, and is made for rain just like any other umbrella.  Of course, there are gorgeous options made by Lolita brands as well, but they are much more expensive.

For anyone starting a Lolita wardrobe, I would highly recommend getting the items above that match the season when you will be wearing your first coord.  These are things that could make or break whether you show up at your first meet or con looking fully put together, or like a beginning.  Of course, there's nothing wrong with looking like a beginner if you are one, but eventually you will want these things for practicality, even if they aren't as much fun as JSKs, skirts, and blouses!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Angelic Pretty Melty Sky OP - 3 Coords

I wore Angelic Pretty's Melty Sky this week...and tried out 3 different looks with it!

Main pieces used:
OP: Angelic Pretty
Socks: Metamorphose
Earrings, necklace: Haenuli
Ring: RavioliRings
Bracelets: handmade
Headbow: handmade
Bag: Loris
Shoes: Bodyline

This is the look I was envisioning when I bought this dress...gold accents with a royal blue bow.  The OTKs I got recently from my Metamorphose Dreamy Egg set have gold and sax details that go perfectly with this dress!  Below I show the bracelets and ring I wore with this dress to tie all the colors together:

Beret: Haruhi Clover
Bag: Loris
Bolero: Innocent World
Shoes: Bodyline

I next wanted to try this dress with sax stuff, since some of the stars are a nice light blue color, and I love sax with royal blue!

Headbow: Cutie Creator
Bolero: DreamV
Bag: Loris
Shoes: Bodyline

And last, I wanted to use all white accessories!  When I first got this dress, I struggled to coord it at all...but I love it with gold, sax, and white accessories!  I wonder what other colors I could try?

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Diamond Honey Cherry OP - 6 Coords

After trying multiple coords with my Innocent World Organdy Collar OP, I had to do it again with this OP from Diamond Honey!  This is another one that was sitting in my closet, because it looked too short without an underskirt.  I love the scalloped hem on this dress, but it was the scallops, which showed too much leg where they are indented, that made me not wear this dress before.

The basics in all these coords:
OP, wristcuffs: Diamond Honey
Socks: Anna House

Once again, I didn't feel like switching out my socks, even though I could have done many more looks that way.  It's better to have fun than force yourself!

Headband: Diamond Honey
Shoes: Bodyline

I started out with the simplest of the simple.  This is the coord I actually wore to sit outside and read for awhile before continuing on with the other looks I tried.  This outfit was so nice and comfortable!

Headband: Cutie Creator
Purse: Offbrand
Clip on purse: Infanta
Shoes and cardigan: Bodyline

After my really simple first coord, I wanted to do something that was OTT with number of strawberries.  I went for the most "saturated with strawberries" stuff I could find, like the cardigan with amigurumi strawberries, and the strawberry headdress.  The socks I was already wearing also have amigurumi strawberries, and I attached a strawberry clip from Infanta to the purse.  Of course, the actual OP is supposed to depict cherries, not strawberries....but, whatever, lol.

Headdress, cardigan, shoes: Bodyline

Next I wanted to do something kind of old-school!  The rectangle headdress and cardigan with the simple shoes allowed me to achieve that.

Headbow: milanoo (lol)
bolero: DreamV
Bag: Loris (taobao)
Shoes, wristcuffs: Bodyline

I had focused on red up until this point, so I wanted to bring more white into the coord instead.  Instead of the wristcuffs that matched this dress, I chose a white pair with amigurumi strawberries.  The white bow is a staple of my wardrobe, even though it is from milanoo (I hate having to admit that)...

Hat: Haruhi Clover
Bag and shoes: offbrand
Clip on bag: Infanta

I think with this dress, pretty much every coord can be considered country to some degree.  But I wanted to do something that truly felt country.  

Bag: Metamorphose
Hairclips: Anna House
Shoes: Secret Shop

My only motivation for this coord was to wear a pair of hairclips from Anna House that are so perfect with this dress, and to use a bag I just got from Meta that was a dream item of mine for a long time (thankfully, it wasn't that popular since it was on sale for ages, haha)!  Since these items are a little sweeter, I wore my red tea parties instead of the plainer red Bodyline shoes.  

These coords were tons of fun, just like my last post.  Since I've been doing more "actual coording" lately, I did make a closet child order that included 2 new cardigans!  One of them was out of stock, so I got refunded for it, though...but at least I have a new (used) mint cardigan from Btssb on the way!